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Anodic Alumina Plate, International High StandardGive Architecture New Vitality


High consistency

High consistency

Focus on every detail, 9 measures to effectively control color difference, softness and metal texture


Strong weatherability

Strong weatherability

Detergent-resistant, ultraviolet-resistant and non-fading


high hardness

high hardness

The surface hardness of anodic alumina plate is high, up to gemstone grade


High environmental protection

High environmental protection

Environmental protection in production process, environmental protection in use and environmental protection in recycling


TAI LV materials ? product recommendation

  • Sound and heat insulation:
    The propagation of sound and heat is greatly limited.

  • Light weight:
    Its weight is only 1/5 of aluminium plate and 1/10 of steel plate.

  • high strength:
    Innumerable fixed honeycombs in each panel, which will not cause movement.

  • Fire prevention:
    In accordance with the requirements of flame retardant materials

  • Energy saving and environmental protection:
    Five advantages of anodic alumina plate

  • Compulsory Appearance, Entering Life, Protecting Environment

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    Foshan Tailv New Material Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009, belongs to the national high-tech enterprise, is a professional enterprise engaged in metal decorative materials design, research and development, production and sales. For a long time, it has provided design, production and service of aluminium decorative materials for airports, rail transit, stadiums, conference centers, theme parks, commercial buildings, etc.

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    China Railway Construction North China Investment Development Co., Ltd. Shijiazhuang Metro Engineering Command Headquarters of a team to visit our company on the spot

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